Official Certificate from Commercial Registry


Literal copy of all the inscriptions. Founders and initial patterns are registered and all changes of capital, administrators, activity, address, account registration. Usually, for each capital change, the name of new beneficiary partner is informed (usually, but not always, because it is not mandatory). It is sealed and signed by the Chief Registrar and is a valid document as evidence in court.

From ten to fifteen days, it depends on each Commercial Registry.

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If you need to know the founding partners of a company and obtain official documentation that accredits it, you must request a CERTIFICATE at de Commercial Registry where the Company is registered.

On the CERTIFICATE (literal copy of all the inscriptions) appears the name of the founding partners and the different capital increases. Usually, but not always, in the CERTIFICATE appears the name of the successive and current partners.

CERTIFICATE must be signed and sealed by the main Registrar and can be used as evidence in trials.


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