Judicial Incidents published in Official Gazettes


Defaults with the Administrations of the Tax Agency, Social Security, Courts and Tribunals of the different judicial orders that affect the current qualification of the consulted company or individual.

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We consult through Spanish Official Gazettes if they are Notifications of Claims, Resolutions, and Sentences that have been published in their name of the Company or individual for non-payment, lack of documentation, or judicial contentions.

The information obtained provides details of all incidents that come from the Public Administration and by Civil, Mercantile and Social disputes with any particular entity, through the following groups and orders of judicial procedures:

  • Bankruptcy Procedure, Payment Suspensions, and Bankruptcies
    Incidents published corresponding to the current Bankruptcy procedure and the old Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payments
  • Judicial incidents with Public Administrations
    Notifications and documentation requirements as well as defaults and debts from Social Security, the Treasury, and the Autonomous and Local Administrations.
  • Procedures before Civil Courts
    Procedures published in Official Gazettes processed by Civil Courts, both for the current Civil Procedure Law 1/2000 and the last ones that were published with the previous Civil Procedure Law 1881.
  • Procedure before Social Courts
    Disputes published between the company or an individual and its workers or employer.


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